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UV Talk – UV Printer Reviews & Feedback Forum – (Direct Color Systems, Mimaki, Roland)

Welcome to the first dedicated forum and review page for UV printers, by business owners for business owners. We aim to help you find clear, knowledgeable and valuable information from business users from all sectors of the UV printing world.

With our feedback forum and reviews from experienced members and confirmed owners, UV Talk can help everyone with advice. Whether you are looking for a new machine, find a solution to those errors you can’t fix, or want to compare what else is out there – this is the perfect place for you.

Create a topic for discussion and review. The most valuable questions can be answered such as:

  • What’s better for my business, Mimaki or Direct Color Systems?
  • How long is my capping station supposed to last?
  • How can I fix the banding in UV prints?

Never make a decision again without first searching our forum or review pages.

All important discussions are shared instantly with contacts across the UV printing world. UV Talk has members of dedicated advice groups and a team with DCS 1024UV experience. You can be sure everyone understands the importance of quick facts and information.

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