A place to discuss anything UV printing related.

Welcome to “UV Talk”, a dedicated forum set up to help the UV printing world share their UV experiences.

Back in 2017, a company called Uveeka started it’s journey into the UV printing business. It’s grown to be successful – but not without unexpected problems along the road.

In any thriving printing business, the key foundation is an efficient, cost effective machine. So where do you start?

Join other members of the printing community as we discuss and share experiences to help avoid problems no business should need to deal with. Such things we hope to cover are:

  • Direct Color Systems vs Mimaki vs Roland – What’s the best for your business?
  • How long should your printer consumables last?
  • Can you avoid expensive repair costs with simple solutions
  • Secret issues with UV printer no salesman will talk about

Feel free to browse through The Forum and start your own discussion. Or add your own experiences to the board.

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Reviewed by Uveeka with evidence from other users make these a topics a must read if you are looking to buy a DCS UV printer.

We hope UV Talk help you save money, avoid huge financial commitments and advise you on simple solutions for the future of your UV printing business.