Direct Color Systems MVP 1024UV Review

We’ve ran the DCS MVP 1024UV for over a year in a business environment.

The UV prints we’ve run range from stationery printing to bottle printing using the EasyCyl roller attachment. Our review is based on over 3000 hours of UV printing multiple type of substrates.

So what’s the verdict?

Overall rating

The DCS 1024UV is not a long term solution to your UV printing business. The main components of this machine wear far too quickly for anyone to make a reasonable business by using it.

Build Quality

Compared to other brands, this UV printer is a mix of Epson parts in a DCS shell.

It feels cheap, designed poorly and is not robust enough for a commercial use.

Print Quality

It prints absolutely great – when it’s working.

Artwork colours are almost perfect, textured prints feel and look realistic.

Maintenance Costs

Probably the biggest problem with the DCS 1024UV is the running costs.

Expensive replacement parts that have a very little life span.


Color Byte Rip 10 is slow, crashes regularly and does not work well with the most common files.

Even the simplest of tasks have cannot be achieved.

How did we come to this conclusion?

The Direct Colour Systems MVP 1024UV was installed May 2017. The printer is currently running IRF4 UV inks.

Since install date we have:

  • Spent over 3000 hours of printing
  • Completed lifespan of 3 print heads
  • Corroded 2 print head carriages
  • Worn out 10 capping stations
  • Warped 2 print carriage metal bars

This accumulates to nearly £5,000 – £10,000 in maintenance costs for the first year, depending on your own knowledge of repairing your own UV machine. A review of the prices for these parts is would be needed. The local agent tends to be more expensive than from third party supplier.

The machine is on the more expensive scale, at a cost of £26,000, compared to other brands. It is also the cheaper smaller version of the 1800Z,

So the DCS 1024UV could potentially cost you £36,000 in the first year depending on your usage.

Not only is the UV printer extreme in it’s running costs (let’s not forget the price of ink is also £89.00 ex VAT per 200ml), from the amount of parts we have gone through it is hugely unreliable.

These are the estimated lifespans given by Direct Color Systems on consumable parts:

  • Print Head – 12-24 months
  • Capping Stations – 3-6 months

The two components will eventually go, but we are only seeing 25-50% of their life before they are needing to be replace. A review by DCS on where their data comes from for these parts would be of extreme interest.

This accelerated decrease in life is a widely reported problem with the DCS 1024UV. These running costs on these no warranty parts are a huge killer for anyone expecting to run a demanding successful business from this.

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